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About Us

Joe's Garage was founded much prior to ant other car repair service, so you should be at ease knowing that your car is in the hands of such a long lived and trusted brand. We heavily pride ourselves on our  keen ability to repair cars, few of our employees are even trained enough to not accidentally break something else while they are repairing your automotive. (service by these certified repairmen will come with an additional service charge. Joe's Garage takes no responsibility in any damage, missing parts, or overall presence of your car during scheduled and unscheduled repair times.) Our service fees are almost less than all of our competitors, which should put you at ease that you're getting (almost) the cheapest and (nearly) the best service around!

"Wow, Joe's Garage is so amazing, my old car looks brand new again, thank you Joe's Garage for you ever so exceptional customer service, I am sure that I will bring my veichle back here again for any future service required, and I implore you, dear reader of my quote, to also do the same!" -A very reliable source

"I don't know how to thank Mr. Garage enough, I thought my old vehicle would never drive again, but now it's being used in the Grand Prix!" -Someone with good taste in automotive repair shops


We are located in 1234 Fake Lane, Mississauga Ontario Canada. Please check out our location if you're interested in seeing how we operate here at Joe's Garage, we hope to see you there!

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Our Services

When you park your car in our Garage, you will ensure that you recieve: a tire allignment, battery tests, brake service, exaust tests, heating and cooling control, and an oil change. so you should be confident that what you're getting is only the best service that a car repair shop can deliver!

How to Reach Us

Please Call 123-456-7890 or email joesemail@email.email to reach us with any questions comments or concerens